Visual Art

Here you will find my paintings and drawings. More to follow.


4 Responses to Visual Art

  1. Ben E. says:

    Very minimalist Smith. Deep stuff man.

  2. Hilary West says:

    Bring on more art Greg! These are wonderful images, rich and full! Cheers.

  3. Knut says:

    Dear Greg,

    love your pictures and music. Saw you latest in Austria with the Weakerthans. Great show!
    I would like to buy a picture from you.
    Do you have more and ship to Switzerland?



    • gsmith says:

      Hello Knut. I’m glad you dug the gig ! I hope we get back there super soon. It would be beauty if you bought a painting. Are you into a specific painting ? I could ship to Switzerland but I will have to check out the cost and then add that to the painting price. My friend Matt has shipped over seas and he might be able to help find a beauty price. I of course will pack it up tight.

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